One mind, two languages:

Welcome to the Lemhöfer Language Lab

We are a research group that investigates, very generally speaking, the (neuro-)cognition of bi- and multilingualism: How are two or more languages handled within the same brain?

We are based at the Centre for Cognition, which is part of the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Head of the group is Kristin Lemhöfer.

18 Dec

New publication

The paper reporting on Anne Mickan‘s Master Thesis has now been accepted for publication in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, hurray! It is titled “Tracking syntactic conflict between languages over the course of L2 acquisition: A cross-sectional ERP study”.

22 Nov

New publication

Sybrine Bultena‘s paper (in collaboration with Claudia Danielmeier, Harold Bekkering, and me), titled “The role of conflicting representations and uncertainty in internal error detection during L2 learning” has been accepted for a special issue in Language Learning on the Cognitive Neuroscience of Second and Artificial Language Learning. Great news!

15 Nov

New publication

Anne Mickan‘s perspectives paper on how to investigate foreign language attrition from a memory research perspective, titled “Bridging the Gap Between Second Language Acquisition Research and Memory Science: The Case of Foreign Language Attrition”, has been published by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience!